4 Unique Braid Styles

It has been super long that we haven’t posted anything on the blog and the blame goes to our SEMESTER Exams!  We are busy with our preparations and tests but however we managed to shoot for this post! And also is one’s our favorite post because WE LOVE BRAIDS.

As braids are perfect for every occasion and goes with every outfit, we decided to try some different styles of braid. So let’s see how it turned out!


On Priya :

Braid it twice! 

Do a middle parting of your hair, french braid both the sides till the middle of your head and pin both the braids in the middle. And you’re ready to look pretty!



Twist it, braid it! 

Take small partings from the front of your hair and twist them all one by one as shown in the pictures and pin it on one side behind at the lower end. Then braid the rest of your hair into a fish tail. This makes you look different yet beautiful.



On Rashi :

Bridge it till the end! 

Start a french braid from one side of your hair and braid it till the end of the other side and pin it in the corner.



Crown it with a braid! 

Make a middle parting of your hair, start braiding in the left side from the above till half end below and pin it. Do the same in the right side and braid it the end and pin it. Take a look in the pictures for reference! And this hairstyle is classy when it comes to looking gorgeous and royal at the same time!



Confused about hairdos for college ? Check out our previous post to solve the confusion.

Hope you guys got new ideas and will try these hairstyles soon. Do like and comment below your favourite braid style. Also we’ll try to be in touch with you guys on the social media platforms, so follow us there and keep showing your support and love!


Until next post,

Lots of Love and hugs.

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  1. Lovely post!!! Beautiful braid styles!!! 🙂 ❤

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