Be Imaginative Be Bewakoof

Winters are still on and hoodie according to us is one of the most comfortable outfit anyone can choose to wear. But many people underestimate it saying that hoodies can be only worn as a casual outfit but believe us that’s NOT TRUE. Maybe in rock concerts or for some college events you can look perfect with a hoodie. You don’t believe us? Let us see how 😉

On Rashi – Since it’s a grey hoodie, we played with the colors for the eye makeup. For the same look apply silver color at the inner corner of the eyes, brown in the middle and purple at the outer corner. Then take dark / royal blue eye shadow and mix it with purple at the outer corner. This gives a smoky eye look with a different color. For hairstyle, make 2 parts of your hair from the middle. On one side, take the front portion in square shape, twist it and pin it backside. Take the portion below the first one, twist it again and pin it below the first one. Tie your remaining hair into a pony. Do the same at the other side too. Way too simple than you thought right? Always preferable for attending college events or friend’s party!



On Priya – Since it’s a black hoodie, smoky eyes is the best option to go with for the eye makeup. For this eye makeup  cover half of your eye from the inner corner with silver eye shadow. Apply black at the outer corner and merge the colors properly. Make the black a little darker to give the proper smoky effect. For hairstyle, divide your hair into 2 from the middle, braid both sides each from top to bottom. It is a perfect edge look for a rock concert or night clubbing!





When it comes to hoodies,  we personally loved the collections of Bewakoof. The material and design is so trendy and cool that you cannot resist loving it! Bewakoof is a cool casual-wear brand. They intend to sell a unique product line which is trendy at unbeatable prices. Not to forget, the prints on their products are way too cool and something that fits the youngsters liking! The literal meaning of “BEWAKOOF” is a person who is careless and does what he loves! A person who follows his inner thoughts and does things accordingly, which perfectly suits us. Isn’t it ?


Bewakoof has Marvel T-ShirtJeans,Tees,Athleisure,shorts on their website as well. Check them out!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do let us know in the comment which was your favourite look !

Until Then,

Lots of love and hugs.

 Photographer- Smit Patel

Idea and Concept- Priya and Rashi

Connect with us through instagram and Snapchat- Letsbecarefree (ID)


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