College Days-Hairstyle Ideas

Happy New Year! Yeah, It has been really long time that we haven’t blogged but believe us we have really lot of exciting things coming up! The Christmas holidays have ended and we are back into our normal collage routine. And getting ready for college is a task so we have two college looks which is super comfy (very important) yet stylish.


On Rashi: Braids are always the best option to make your hair look different and easy when its morning and you are damn sleepy (errr! we were talking about us). All you have to do is a side parting to your hair and select whichever side you want to braid it. Then take a small parting from the above and start braiding it. Add layer from that side only while braiding. Pin it behind your ear and you’re ready! A grey top (which is recently in trend) and blue or black ripped jeans completes the whole look.




On Priya: A hairdo idea when you don’t want to tie your whole hair into a braid. Then take one side of your hair and remove a small parting from it. Make 2 parts of the same and twist both of them equally. Then pin both of them together. Next, take a small part of your hair below the pins and make a braid of it. Pin that braid on the other side of your hair like a bridge and you’re done. Doesn’t it look pretty? When it comes to outfit then a Denim jacket (especially during winters) and a simple white top and black jeans.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Do like and comment below how do you get dressed up during your college days.

Photography – Kushal Shah

Until Next Post,

Lots of Love and Hugs

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