Fit the outfit 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas! The best part about Christmas is plum cakes but the worst part is deciding your outfit for the Christmas eve. Isn’t it? Every Occasion has its outfit and dressing accordingly is a difficult task. So we have two different outfit ideas for the Christmas eve!

On Priya(on the right): A red top with white lace and white jeans is a perfect ready to go Christmas eve look! The eyeshadow contains a silver color in the inner corner with red at the outer corner and black at the edge of the outer corner to give it a different look. Merging the colors properly is very important. Since it’s Christmas, to look different, contour your face to give it a sharp and edgy look. And a High pony hairstyle to keep it simple yet stylish.

On Rashi(on the left) : A maroon top (our all time favourite color) and black jeans goes well together. For a subtle look, add golden color to the eye with a maroon lipstick to keep it simple and hot. Not to forget, a simple bun perfectly goes with the whole look!


Oh btw! This outfit is perfect for any occasion. Hope you guys enjoyed are look! Do like and comment below about your look for the Christmas Eve !

Until next post,

Lots of love and hugs


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