Winter Chills 

Winter is a season of sweaters and hoodies. Looking stylish and wearing them would be a little difficult so we planned to post a whole winter look this time

On Priya: A fur hoodie with black jeans is simple yet the most comfortable outfit. But the hairstyle does the magic. The upside down braid gives a chic look to the outfit. Dark or bold makeup normally won’t go well with this outfit. So we opted for a subtle makeup with a single color eye shadow and an eyeliner.

On Rashi: Sweaters are a trend when it comes to styling as well as beating the chillness during winters. This black and white sweater along with a normal black jeans totally suits the weather. Buns perfectly match with this outfit but those twists and turns gives a different look to the hairdo! Isn’t it? For this bold eye makeup, fill the inner corner of the eye with golden and brown eye shadow and mix it well and the outer corner with maroon. Then you can add black color at the eldge of the outer conner to give it a little smoky effect!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Do like and comment below your favorite outfit during winters.

Until then,
Lots of love and hugs,

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