Santa Calls

Ho, Ho Santa is coming ! This is what you are going to notice everywhere because its CHRISTMAS TIME !! Santa Claus  and Decorating a Christmas tree is our favourite part of Christmas. Now we combined both of them and made a mini Santa which could be used to decorate the Xmas Tree.

We made this with an old socks. For making this mini santa, cut the socks into two, take the end section of the socks and fill it with cotton. Then tie the other end of the socks which is open. Divide it by tying the tread in between the socks. Tie the red scarf around the santa. Stick eyes and nose as per your wish. Don’t miss out the button! You can make another Santa using the same technique with the left out socks.

Hope you guys loved this post. Do like and comment below about your Christmas tree plans.

Until then,

Lots of love and hugs.
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