Tea Candle Holder 

Diwali is near and everyone is excited ! As it is a festival of lights , we wanted to add and make something different this diwali. We saw a lot of candles holders in the stored and was awestruck! We could have bought them but making it all by yourself is so much fun! So here we go. 

The first one is made on a CD. Reuse your old CD and it a Candle holder. Decorate your CD by sticking stones and painting it! Then stick a glass candle holder so that the tea holder can be placed on it (for stability) and painted it as well. Now, you can place your tea candles in it and light it. Doesn’t it shine like a diamond?

 Second one  is made with the help of quiling strips. Take two quiling strips of different color and start rolling it. You can shape it they you want it. We shaped it as petal. Now take a stiff plastic folder and start sticking the quiling roles on it. (Make sure you leave enough space to place the candle. )Then Cut it out.Stick the golden candle holder in between. You could further stick stones /pearls on the quiling rolls to make it look more beautiful. Now place your tea candle on the holder and we are done.

If you guys don’t have a holder then you could also stick tea candle directly. But before that remove the outer holder of the tea candle and stick the sparkles on them, then place the inner candle and stick it. Just like this: 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the post! Happy Diwali to all our followers! Thank you for your love and support! 

Do like and comment below what are your plans for Diwali? 😉

Until next post,

Lots of love and hugs!

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  1. Sailee says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Love this DIY 🌟😍


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