Hairdos For short hair

An Issue which everyone deals with is hairdos! How much do you love a quick and easy hairstyle in the morning? Aren’t we all looking for something quick and cute? After racking our brains, thinking about various hairstyles in the morning, we found some super easy yet beautiful hairdos which will make all your friends jealous!

Want to know the tricks? Lets get started then!
1: Some twists and pinning your hair does the magic here. How easy is this one! To all lazy people like us, this will be your favorite day-to-day hairstyle from now. 😁

2: Bored of normal buns?  Change the bun and see the Magic. All you have to do is tie a high pony and then pin it in such a manner that you spread the bun in U Shape. You can try this hairdo for various occasions!

3: Half pony was always in trend. We just added a puff which changed the whole look!

4. Love braids then you are surely going to love this!

5. For us simple pony is never enough! So, in this trick tie a pony (make sure its loose) leaving some part of the front hair and then turn it inside out to bring the twist. Do this again with the left out hair! Gives the feel of 90’s style isn’t  it?

Hope you guys loved the hairdos which we think is super easy yet makes your hair look really beautiful. For us, hair is one of the best accessory if you style it properly according to the occasion! Do like and comment below your favorite hairdo. 🙌

Until next post,

Lots of love and hugs.❤

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  1. Sailee says:

    Wow 🌟


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