Mini Notebook

Travelling is beautiful part of our lives. But one hectic work is to be sure that you carry everything you want for the trip. For us one of the travel essential is a notebook. Why? What if we want to write down all the important address for instance of good restaurants, contact details, to keep track of money spent? But! Carrying a long boring notebook is something which we would never do! So we made a MINI Notebook which looks cute and is so easy to make. (It’s kind off a recycling stuff so you also are SAVING the environment *claps*)

Now lets see how to make it. You need old greeting card, plain pages and a ribbon. THAT’S IT. Cut the greeting card and the plain pages into the shape of a circle. Then punch it so that you can compile the whole thing with a ribbon. We used a ribbon so can you can style It with your bag the way you want to. And you can paint theupper cut out of the greeting card the way you want to! We made a smiling emoji and a donut notebook! (HOW CAN WE STAY AWAY FROM FOOD)

Hope you enjoyed this post and do like and comment below your favorite emoji! Ours is surely the donut one!❤

Until Next Post,

Lots of love and hugs.

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