Double Profit!

We haven’t been posting since a long time because of our INTERNSHIP! This is just the starting of the internship so we are trying to manage everything. But we promise you to be more active! All you guys have to do is to keep supporting and loving us! 😀

Coming to this post,There are TWO( 5 miniutes) DIYs for you guys!! These both are like the most simplest DIY you would have ever thought of! 🙂

The first DIY is CHOKER. Recently, Choker has been the most fashionable accessory any one could wear. The best part is that making choker is way too easy. All you need is a black ribbon, a decorative stone/pendent of your choice, fabric glue and some small rings.

Take the ribbon and cut it which should be long enough to wear it around your neck. Then insert the small ring on one end of the ribbon and close it with the ribbon by using a fabric glue. Stick a decorative stone/attach a pendent on the middle of your choker.


What else? Wear it, flaunt it!



The next DIY is to add beauty to your hairdo. All you have to do is to stick a beautiful pearl on the hairpin and use it to style your hair. This can look way too beautiful in buns. Oh, wait it looks beautiful even when you just have to pins your hair on one side, just like this!



Yes, it doesn’t even take some seconds to do this DIY! But so beautiful isn’t it? Hope to liked this post. And also that we would be post more different types of choker on Instagram! So don’t forget us to follow there!


Until next post,
Lots of love and hugs!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. absolutely loveee this!xx


  2. Thankyou so much 💋


  3. Cuties 😚❤️


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