Emoji Pillow (No Sew)

Usually we start our post with random small talks but this time we are going to be directly discussing  about this post. Just because we are way too excited about it.

Okay, we still cant digest the fact that we made an EMOJI Pilloww! This post is about making those normal Emoji Pillows a little different. So let’s get startedddd

Things you need:
Cotton for filling inside the pillow
Acrylic paint
Fabric glue/Hot glue gun

Take the cloth and fold it into two. Then draw a circle and cut it accordingly.


Second, stick the edges of both the cloths together by a thin line of glue expect a small part. Then turn the cloth inside out through the left out space.

Third, fill it with cotton as much as you can to make it fluffy enough! Lastly stick the left out edges together.


You pillow is readyy!! You Can paint on it (acrylic paint) to make it look more beautiful just like ours. Check it out!!




Hope you loved this post and I am sure we have encouraged you to sleep more.😂

Until next post,
Lots of love and hugs


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