Phone Holder !

So lately we have been doing many five minutes DIY projects and eating “a lot” (ok we have always been eating a lot :p ) but when it comes to DIY it is so much fun. We mean just in some minutes you get a beautiful DIY done! 😀

This maybe awkward but whenever we do a DIY we remember those days when we use to do the “BEST OUT Of WASTE” projects. You guys feel the same? Haha! It was always an amazing experience, isn’t it? You  learn to reuse old things and make it look new and beautiful.Wow.


Anyways, This post, as the title says is going to be a 5 minutes DIY! It is easy yet yet veryy easy! This is like a best out of waste kind of DIY! So let’s get back to our childhood days.

All you need is a toilet paper roll, paints, white sheet, and decorative items. Of course glue and scissors!😂😫

Cover the roll with the white sheet. Then measure the size of you phone and cut the roll accordingly. Just like this:


Now paint the roll as you want and still the decorative stones on them. Last but not the least is poke 4 Board pins on you DIY so that it could balance properly! 😉

You beautiful phone stand is ready!





OK wait. Now this makes your dressing table look so prettyyyy!! Doesn’t it? So its like two in one thing! hu?😏

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and do like this post and comment below about your favorite “best out of waste ” project done by you during your childhood.

Until next post,

Lots of love and hugs!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. kaessy27 says:

    I’ve always loved making handbags out of my old clothes!
    Also, I loved this post!! ^-^


  2. Oh , we never made them during our childhood days ! But now we am going to make them for sure😂 Thankyou so much✨💋

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kaessy27 says:

    I’ll do some tutorials on my blog later on, you can check it out if you want ^^


  4. Sailee says:

    Love this ! Iam going to make this soon 💋


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